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In the New Year of 2011 David knew he was seriously ill. His journal entries after that date record not an emotional decline, as might reasonably be expected, but a surge in energy with a creativity and thirst for experimentation. Considering his medical condition, David managed to summon up an amazing amount of physical stamina, driven in part at least by his frustration at the idea of so much to do, with so little time. Drawing on this stamina, David made two defining trips during his last year. The first was to Burgundy in France to show at le Couvent de Treigny. The second was a trip to Barcelona arranged by David’s friend Tim Leyland.

On his return to Brier Hey David embarked on his own joyous celebration of form, colour and texture that, whilst inspired by Gaudi’ s freedom of expression, was entirely original. This final body of work, often strange, sometimes erotic, always rich in sinuous form and symbolism, was an amazing outpouring of all that David Constantine White’s life had made him. The great artisan – driven by the most terrible of catalysts – was finally the artist.

“I did it (arranged the trip to Barcelona) simply because I knew he’d get so much out of it and that he would find it stimulating and exciting” TIM LEYLAND
“the future isn’t what it used to be, and what’s more never was” DAVID WHITE