The summer of 1968 was a time of dramatic upheaval on the streets of Paris, unrest that would quickly spread across the whole country.

It began with a series of strikes by students protesting at an education system they saw as old fashioned, undemocratic and inflexible. The desire for change quickly spread beyond universities to the ordinary, blue-collar workers of France. Enraged by low state wages and other grievances, around ten million workers took to the streets alongside the students and the resulting general strike paralysed the nation for nearly two weeks.

Within the year, following major concessions by a re-elected de Gaulle government, calm had returned to France and the protesters could get back to ordinary lives – this included Martin Lesoeur, one of the student activists involved in the uprising. This is how Martin met David White and where a lifetime friendship began.

“I stayed with him; the honour of receiving his first clay pots, a passion he followed for life, just like his interest in music – he was already strumming a guitar and was building one at the time.”
Martin Lesoeur